A Data Exchange Platform for Marketers

If you have invested in Marketing Automation and still wondering why every time I have to depend on IT team for customer data, this is for you

DataSense lets you exchange data with Marketing Automation Platform and your legacy applications data sources.

  • Realtime and Automated Data Exchange
  • Any marketing automation tool
  • Data Exchange made easy

Get a complete view of customers' behavior to act faster and create more personalized messages to improve the engagement.

Provides the customer, data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first.

Provides real-time Campaign Behavioral Data for further analysis.

Email alerts on completion of data flow both for success and failure.

DataSense Features

Comsense Helps a Top US B2B Lead Generation Company Streamline Their Systems, Improve Domain Reputation and Fasten Their Go To Market Process

Business Challenge:

A top B2B lead generation company operating in the US started facing challenges as they grew their business. They had multiple open source systems which they were using to cater to their clients’ lead generation requirements. This led to not only the complication of handling multiple reporting tools but also leading to their domain blockage, high dependency on database team and no scope for hyper-segmentation.


Comsense consulting implemented the super strong IBM Watson Campaign Automation and their in-house tool, DataSense to provide a single tool to track reports and campaign analytics. DataSense removed the need of excel sheets for data transfer instead automated the dataflow between Demandshore CDP and WCA DB. This improved their overall process performance. The solution also successfully tackled their IP tracking and domain reputation challenge caused by email blasting. It further assisted them in hyper segmentation thereby helping them deliver better results to their end customers.

DataSense Helps A Leading Diagnostic Company Implement Marketing Automation and Generate Real-Time Campaigns Enabling High Customer Retention

Business Challenge:

A leading diagnostic and preventive care lab company operating in India, Nepal and Middle East was finding it difficult to engage and retain their customers for repeat business. Even after adoption of marketing automation, they were struggling to create opportunities from their loyal customer base due to delays in communication between transactional and marketing systems. Cross-sell and Up-sell became a major challenge for the company.


Comsense did a need analysis and offered a two-step solution to the client’s problem. As a first step, Watson Campaign Automation was recommended and implemented to ensure emphatic, personalized and automated campaign generation for the end customers.

As a second step, DataSense – a unique database integration and reporting solution from Comsense, was implemented which replaced the need of manual data transfer from transactional systems to marketing systems. This newly setup fully automated system ensured –

1.Real-time capturing of customer behavioral data into marketing system helping WCA to generate personalized campaigns quickly.

2. Automated customer engagement.

3. Superior security standards in data transfer.

4.Seamless bi-directional flow of data between legacy systems and newly setup automation system.

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First of all when Comsense team told me they are going to pull and push the contact list to our marketing automation tool (WCA) and get back the events and enrich the data in the master list in less than 4 weeks, I didn’t believe them initially but to my surprise and amazement and hats off to the brilliant product engineering team of Comsense, we were able to go live within 4 weeks flat and yes it works exactly the way it was promised to us.


Lead Data Engineer,


We used Datasense to automate our client engagement program and connect our customer record DB with marketing automation tool. DataSense fetches data on an incremental basis every day and activates Watson Campaign Automation (our marketing automation tool) to send email, Mobile Push and SMS to the relevant audience. This has helped us improve our repeat business by almost 33% in the last 9 months.


Business Head,


We used DataSense for our web services call from our portal where we had to activate our ML model and get back the data( results) back into the front end interface for the users. Deploying datasense was the easiest bit , it helped us avoid months of development and integration work.

Uzair Faruqui

Analytics Head,


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